Live Your Own Ritual is a guided exploration of what it takes to follow your creative impulse. Together, we identify what is blocking you, demystify old patterns, and help you to create your own inner autonomy as an artist. 

Why work one on one with me?

  • Establish a daily ritual to help you maintain creative momentum.

  • Understand blockages you may have to following your creative ideas.

  • Establish a weekly schedule to stay on track with your vision.

  • Learn how your shadow side can help you in the creative process.

  • Explore methods that help you to become more receptive.

  • Become more articulate in expressing your particular vision.

  • Connect with the true value of fulfilling creative work.

  • Discover the essence of your story.

Ready to start?  


"Andrea has the capacity to listen in a way that cuts through the noise of everyday life, and uncover what is most essential to your soul."