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“Andrea has the capacity to listen in a way that cuts through the noise of everyday life, and uncover what is most essential to your soul.”
— Laura Hollick, Artist and Teacher
“Andrea is an extraordinary artist. She is gifted with the unique ability to cut right to the centre of people’s blockages and fears with a gentle, focused and compassionate heart. I found her sessions with me to be profound and deeply healing. I highly recommend her to all who are ready to express their creativity with a new level of integrity and devotion.”
— Noah Cebuliak - Musician, Astrologer
“My experience with Andrea is very funny, because I contacted her to become a throat-singer and ended up figuring out that drawing would be more my way. Seriously, this is the great thing about discussing with her : no boundaries. She is truly interested in your own skills and wants you to listen to your heart. I already admired her as a musician, but respect her even more as a great person.”
— Alice Roussel
‘I was wandering around, feeling somewhat lost, and I definitely needed to tune in with my body and soul. Andrea has shown me the way and she did so in a most profound, caring, experienced and liberating way.’
— Hans Luyten

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